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CDCP- Canadian Dental Plan

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), first proposed by the federal government in 2022, is soon to be accessible to Canadians. Eligible seniors were invited to apply for enrollment starting December 2023, with dental care services becoming available as early as May 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about the CDCP.

How Does CDCP Work?

Scheduled to begin covering treatments in May 2024, the CDCP is a publicly funded dental benefit designed for individuals with an annual household income under $90,000 and lacking private dental insurance. It aims to cover the cost or a portion of the cost of oral health treatments, thereby preventing and treating oral diseases, which in turn can safeguard against more serious health issues.

CDCP Eligibility

  • Not have access to dental insurance
  • Have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000
  • Be a Canadian resident for tax purposes
  • Have filed your tax return in the previous year

How Much Will CDCP Cover

The CDCP will reimburse a percentage of the cost based on established fees and adjusted family net income. Co-payments may apply, depending on income brackets:

Co-payments based on adjusted family net income

Adjusted family net income How much will the CDCP cover How much you will cover
Lower than $70,000 100% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 0% of the CDCP established fees. You may face additional charges as described below.
Between $70,000 and $79,999 60% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 40% of the CDCP established fees. You may face additional fees as described below.
Between $80,000 and $89,999 40% of eligible oral health care service costs will be covered at the CDCP established fees. 60% of the CDCP established fees. You may face additional fees as described below.

Additional charges

The CDCP fees may not be the same as what providers charge. You may have to pay fees in addition to the potential co-payment if:

  • the cost of your oral health care services are more than what the CDCP will reimburse based on the established CDCP fees
  • you agree to receive care that the plan doesn’t cover

Before receiving oral health care, you should always ask your oral health provider about any costs that won’t be covered by the plan. Make sure you know what you’ll have to pay directly to your oral health provider ahead of receiving treatment.

CDCP Services Covered

The CDCP encompasses a broad spectrum of oral health care services, including but not limited to:

For more information on services covered, consult the CDCP Dental Benefits Guide.

Please note that some services may require preauthorization, a process where prior approval is needed before treatment can be provided, ensuring coverage under the plan.

Services in Details

Diagnostic and preventive services

Our services aim to evaluate your oral health, maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth, and prevent cavities and gum disease. The covered services include:

  • Various dental exams, including comprehensive, routine, specific, and emergency exams
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning (scaling)
  • Fluoride applications
  • Sealants
Basic Services

Endodontic Services

Designed to treat teeth that are severely decayed, infected, or broken. The covered services include:

  • Root canal treatments
  • Pulpectomies (the initial step of a root canal treatment)
  • Procedures to reduce infection and provide temporary pain relief
  • Retreatment of previously completed root canal treatments (requires preauthorization)

Periodontal Services

Focused on treating the areas around the teeth, including the gums and supporting bone. Covered services include:

  • Cleaning below the gumline
  • Treatment of abscesses
  • Bonding for mobile teeth (requires preauthorization)
  • Post-surgical evaluations (requires preauthorization)
  • Non-surgical management of gum disease
Major Services

Restorative Services

Designed for more extensive procedures when teeth are too damaged for basic fillings. Covered services include:

  • Posts and post removal
  • Repairs to crowns and rebonding of crowns and posts
  • Crowns (requires preauthorization)
  • Cores to support crowns (requires preauthorization)
  • Posts for crowns (requires preauthorization)

Removable Prosthodontic Services

Aimed at replacing missing teeth. Covered services include:

  • Complete dentures, including standard and temporary dentures
  • Denture repairs, relines, and rebases
  • Placing linings in dentures for comfort and healing
  • Complete immediate and overdentures (requires preauthorization)
  • Initial placement of partial dentures (requires preauthorization)
  • Replacement of partial dentures

Oral Surgery

Intended to address issues in the mouth and jaw requiring surgical intervention. Covered services include:

  • Removal of teeth and roots
  • Surgical removal of tumours and cysts
  • Surgical incisions, including draining
  • Treatments for jawbone fractures
Orthodontic Services

Starting in 2025, certain orthodontic services will be included in the CDCP. These services will be covered only in cases of medical necessity based on strict criteria and will have a maximum spending limit.

For more information on covered services, please refer to the CDCP Dental Benefits Guide.

Please note that some services may require preauthorization. This process ensures that prior approval is obtained before treatment, confirming coverage under the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)?

The CDCP is a federal government initiative aimed at providing dental coverage for Canadian residents who have a household income of less than $90,000 annually and do not have existing dental benefits. This program is managed by Health Canada and administered by Sun Life.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the CDCP?

To be eligible for the CDCP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • No access to dental insurance
  • An adjusted family net income of less than $90,000
  • Canadian residency for tax purposes
  • Filed your tax return in the previous year
Will my dental care be free under the CDCP?

No, the CDCP does not provide free dental care. It covers a portion of the costs, and patients may be required to make co-payments based on their adjusted family net income.

How do I access the CDCP? When can I get my benefit?

The federal government is currently contacting eligible citizens. Dental care under the CDCP is expected to start in May 2024. The application process varies based on age and eligibility criteria.

What services will be covered under the CDCP?

The CDCP covers various dental services, including scaling, examinations, fillings, and oral surgery. Some services require preauthorization.

Can the CDCP replace my existing dental coverage through work or school?

No, the CDCP is not intended to replace existing dental benefits. It is for individuals without access to dental insurance or coverage through other sources.

Should I wait until the CDCP is launched to go to the dentist?

No, it’s advisable not to delay treatments or dental appointments. The CDCP’s coverage start date may vary for each person, so it’s better to continue regular dental checkups.

What options do I have if I can't afford dental care?

Speak openly with your dentist about your financial situation. They may be able to offer treatment and payment options. Additionally, some municipalities offer dental programs for low-income individuals.

Regular oral examinations and hygiene cleanings at Four Seasons Dental Care can help you prevent dental issues from developing and keep your smile healthy.