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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure where your dentist bonds composite resin to damaged, decayed, discoloured or gapped teeth to give you a more even, natural-looking smile. Your dentist will choose the composite resin that best matches your natural teeth so that it blends in.

Bonding can address a variety of monitor concerns:

How it works

1. Color Matching

The composite material is customized to match the shade of your natural teeth.

2. Tooth Prep

Before placing bonding material to the teeth, we make sure that the surface is ready for it.

3. Bonding

We apply the bonding material, using a UV light to cure and seal it for strength.

Bonding or Veneers?

Are bonding and veneers the same thing? At first glance, these treatments seem similar, but there are key differences.


If you are looking for drastic transformation, choose veneers.


Bonding can be completed in just one appointment.


When compared, veneers are slightly more expensive than bonding.

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