Masseter Muscle Reduction

Typically a strong, rugged jawline can be distinctly masculine and desirable trait for males, however, many female patients want a more feminine, oval shape to their face. Particularly in Asian females, changing the shape of the jaw from square to oval makes them feel more feminine and angelic.

In the not so distant past, jaw reduction surgery was the only option for minimizing the masseter muscle. This came with long recovery times, and inconsistent results. Thanks to Botox, facial reshaping has been modernized and become easier to attain. Botox allows for dramatic results without surgery, pain, swelling or downtime.

Botox jaw reduction procedures are a specialized technique to reduce the width of the jawline to a more desirable shape. In some patients, the the masseter muscle, which is a primary muscle in the chewing process, is enlarged creating extra facial width. Botox selectively weakens this muscle over time leading to an overall reduction in the size of this muscle.

Depending on your individual situation, you can achieve your desired results in as little as 1 appointment. If you are interested in learning more about the Botox technology, schedule a consultation with us.